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these new functions will make your life easier!

Google Chrome will soon be entitled to a significant update which will bring its share of very practical new features. We sum it all up for you!

Image 1: Google Chrome: these new functions will make your life easier!
Chrome: a new tool suitable for doing good business © Google

Chrome recently had the right to update 107 which increases security while improving performance (searches and downloads) of the famous browser. And the latter is about to receive new tools in a few days. In a blog post, Google details the main features that will soon land in Chrome 108.

Chrome: a shopping tool

The first tool will please e-commerce enthusiasts, always keen to find good deals online. It allows you to follow the price of a product in several stores at the same time. And if it decreases, you will receive an alert email immediately on your Google account.

To activate it, nothing could be simpler: just click on Follow the price in the address bar once you are on the page of the targeted product. Then click on Follow the price to start the procedure. You can cancel tracking at any time by clicking Track Price > Untrack in the address bar.

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Chrome: a tool for research

Another new feature is the ability to compare search results from a new space. This will prevent you from constantly backtracking. After opening a search result, click the button Open search in the side panel located to the right of the address bar. The results of your search will then be accessible there and a new tab will open if you click on a link.

Image 2: Google Chrome: these new functions will make your life easier!

Chrome: a tool for passwords

Finally, you can sync your saved passwords on your PC’s Google Chrome with your mobile devices. What allow you to easily access certain services when you are away from your computer where everything is pre-recorded. To do this, click on the three dots, open the menu Settings and press Enable synchronization. On the next page, select the Google account to use and then press Yes I accept and the synchronization will be effective.

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