this Harvard professor wants to bring up an “alien technology” from the bottom of the ocean

In the United States, doing serious research on extraterrestrials no longer seems taboo. Researcher Avi Loeb, a well-respected man in Harvard’s astronomy department, has just announced plans to mount a mission to retrieve fragments from a meteor that crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2014.

According to the researcher, the object comes from outside the solar system. In a study currently being evaluated, he claims, among other things, that the object must be made of a stronger material than steel – because it survived most of its entry into the atmosphere despite its particularly strong kinetic energy. high.

Does the meteor that Avi Loeb wants to find contain an “alien” alloy?

For Avi Loeb this fragment could make it possible to discover a metal alloy which would not be the fact of humanity. But of a civilization living around another star. Recovering the fragments in question should however be very complicated. The researcher explains that he plans to charter a boat fitted with a magnet attached to a long pole – to then better rake the ocean floor over an area of ​​10 square kilometers.

The object in question was rather small with a size of only 45 cm. It crashed about 200 nautical miles off the north coast of one of the most isolated Papua New Guinea islands in the archipelago. The meteor also exploded before impact releasing an energy equivalent to 1% of the Hiroshima bomb. Which shouldn’t make the search for fragments any easier, especially after so many years.

As a result, we do not really understand what the researcher intends to demonstrate in such conditions. Especially since meteor fragments in general are not uncommon in dust and sediment, and it seems difficult to determine with certainty that material breakage is indeed that of an object that fell (among others) to Earth in 2014.

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In any case, more than the mission itself and its relatively slim chances of success, it is the fact that a respected Harvard professor is looking into the subject that is surprising. It must be said that some United States agencies such as the Pentagon are increasingly perplexed by video recordings and reports suggesting visits by extraterrestrials to Earth in recent years.

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