tidy up your digital life as well as Marie Kondō

The perfect Kondō.

Although it does not have the answer to everything, Google has proven to us in the past that it knows how to support its curious users on a daily basis. Today the giant returns to put some order in our lives – finally, in our cloud storage, for the promotion of its Google One application. The American company called on the storage specialist: the magician Marie Kondō, who had the challenge of tidying up the digital storage of actor Keegan-Michael Key. She has known more complicated challenges.

We know that it is important to clean up your emails, photos and other posts published online to limit digital pollution – Dalkia and Havas Paris Social recently cleaned up the Internet with a hashtag. But it’s often hard to part with some photos, and that’s a terrible dilemma we face when the anxiety-provoking “storage full” notification pops up on our screen.

In addition to allowing you to keep the photos most dear to your heart – or even just those of pancakes that look like humans – Google One helps you store and easily find all your files, emails, photos, notes and other folders. ultra important – like your taco recipes, your juggling pictures and the little romantic notes to your significant other. Google thought Marie Kondo could also help you following this video, giving you her best digital organization tips.

This campaign was designed by the American agency Omeletwho had previously worked for Google, including casting small business owners as superheroes in a series of animated shorts.


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