Top 3 cryptos you can’t afford to miss in 2022: Ethereum, Algorand and Runfy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased interest in crypto markets around the world. It also led to an increase in overall body weight of users due to lack of exercise. This is the reason behind the introduction of Runfy (RUNF), a blockchain platform aimed at improving the fitness and health of its users while offering them exciting rewards as incentives. 2022 will also see the biggest transition in the crypto market and the upgrade of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem with the support of Algorand (ALGO) in the creation of digital assets. This article explains the potential features of these three tokens and how they can reward their users in creative and exciting ways.

No shaping while you earn crypto using Runfy

Runfy, a new community blockchain platform backed by the Binance Smart Chain to promote the health and wellbeing of its users. The platform offers its users the opportunity to participate in various activities, earn rewards and make purchases in the Metaverse ecosystem.

RUNF is the utility token of the platform and aims to make the platform a way of life for crypto enthusiasts. The platform provides step tracking, calorie counting, in-app coaching, and in-app rewards. The more tools the user uses, the better the rewards. Users start earning tokens as soon as they lock in their fitness goals on the platform. It establishes two different universes:

RunfTR (Runfy Trainers) is the world of fitness trainers in which they prepare the diet or the exercise programs for the users. RUNF, the token for this universe, is used to collect service fees from trainers.

The second universe is RunfShop, where users can purchase fitness equipment, protein powders, fitness apparel, and other fitness-related items. RUNF can also be used to make any purchase on this platform.

The RUNF token will have a two-month vesting period. It is currently in its pre-sale period. In 2023, the platform aims to launch the first fitness-based DeFi wallet. The platform will activate the staking platform and create more giveaways, giveaways and rewards by 2023. The features of the platform look promising and may prove rewarding for fitness and crypto enthusiasts .

Many attractive bonus options are provided during the presale period. If a user purchases the Runfy token via Ethereum or Binance Coin, a bonus of 15% and 20% will be provided, respectively. In addition, a 7% bonus will be granted during the first phase of the presale. If a user spends a minimum of $100, an additional 1% bonus will be credited to the wallet.

The Crypto Market awaits the biggest merger in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The merger is the biggest and most anticipated upgrade to the Ethereum ecosystem. This is a transition to a consensus proof-of-stake platform. The transition will help reduce power-intensive mining and provide the platform with more scalability, security, and durability. After the merger, the platform will not use mining to produce valid blocks, but will use proof-of-stake validators for them.

The Ethereum transition is expected to take place by September 2022. Markets reacted positively to the news of the transition as they saw a massive 60% price increase in ETH, the platform’s native token, over the past two weeks.

Supporting the digital dollar with Algorand

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could share the future economy. Algorand is a blockchain network poised to take advantage of the upcoming CBDC boom. The Algorand blockchain ensures secure, scalable, transparent and highly accessible transactions in the blockchain network. This makes it the best choice for issuing digital currencies in a standardized and legal format. Co-Pierre Georg is Professor of Financial Stability Studies at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a member of the Economic Advisory Board of the Algorand Foundation. According to Co-Pierre Georg, blockchain-based central bank digital currencies make payment efficient and secure and can rebuild the entire payment system. The Algorand network is powered by the ALGO token, which can also be considered a long-term asset.

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