Try Hugo Boss products with this AR technology

AR PICTOFiT technology offers fashion enthusiasts and any consumer the opportunity to virtually try on Hugo Boss products before buying them. More concretely, it allows them to create an ultra-realistic personalized digital mannequin to do this. It is available now.

There is undoubtedly nothing worse than buying a new item of clothing only to find out that it doesn’t suit your body type. And yet, this is common in the field of e-commerce, which is currently on the rise. Indeed, customers generally do not have the opportunity to try on different fashion items before buying them.

Hugo Boss, one of the world leaders in luxury clothing, is no exception to this kind of concern. In order to change the course of things, the German fashion house has teamed up with Reactive Reality. She then developed with the technology company a new system to create a mannequin to try out its products. Called PICTOFiT, it is based on AR technology.

Hugo Boss AR technology

PICTOFiT: the benefits of AR technology from Hugo Boss and Reactive Reality

With PICTOFiT, consumers have the opportunity to create a digital mannequin with the same body measurements, and therefore the same morphology as them. Using the augmented reality, they can then use it to virtually try on different Hugo Boss products. The best thing about this Reactive Reality technology is that it offers many possibilities.

You can, among other things, see what certain clothes look like once superimposed to others. We can also see what it looks like if we take out or tuck a shirt into a pair of pants, for example. Anyway, the AR technology from Hugo Boss and Reactive Reality is still only available to select customers in Germany, France and the UK at the moment.

However, it is likely to land in other countries in the future. Note that, according to the CEO of Reactive Reality, it can be integrated to any shopping app or online store.

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