Urbanista adds its solar charging technology to the ears

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(Pocket-lint) – Urbanista made waves when it added solar-powered charging technology to its Los Angeles headphones last year, which dramatically extended their potential use time and made charging potentially superfluous.

Now the company is trying to repeat that sleight of hand in the wireless earphone market, with a slightly more complex implementation in the form of its new Phoenix headphones.

These headphones have a charging case covered in Exeger’s Powerfoyle material, which allows them to draw extra power from the sun – which is a little less compelling than if the headphones themselves were covered in this material.

This is obviously because the earbuds are too small to have a reasonable charging area, but it still means you can get an extra hour of charge in the case for every hour you spend in the sun.

The headphones alone last eight hours, while the case can hold up to 32 more. The battery levels are therefore quite impressive, even without the unique charging methods.

The earphones are water resistant (IPX4) making them sweat proof, and they have an active noise canceling system to help you stay tuned out from the world around you. which is essential for high-end headphones.

That said, the price is very reasonable considering the technology inside. The Phoenix will be released in late 2022 for £129/$149/€149.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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