video games: Google flirts with impatient players


video gamesGoogle hits on impatient gamers

Showing a “play” button in search results lets you launch playable titles directly from the cloud.

Thanks to the Play button, the cross-platform action-adventure game “Control” can launch directly on any of the game streaming platforms that offer it.


It’s still only in the test phase, but it should soon take effect. When searching for a game on the Google engine, players can directly launch the title that appears in the results. “Search for a game. Find the game. Instantly play a game via Cloud Gaming,” summarized a tweeter who was among the first test users and who shared his discovery.

Google has clearly not granted exclusivity to Stadia, its video game streaming platform. Players have the choice between the different Luna (Amazon), Xbox Cloud Gaming (Microsoft) and GeForce Now (Nvidia) platforms, provided of course that these addresses have the desired game in their catalog. the 9to5google site has however noted disparities in the services offered depending on whether the search engine is accessed from a mobile or a desktop computer. He cites as an example the search for the game “Destiny 2” on Android which only yields a result for Stadia, while the same search on computer leaves the choice between GeForce Now and Stadia. Direct launch access to these games may additionally be hindered by the necessary login to an account of the linked gaming platform.

No date for the widespread deployment of the Play option in search results is yet known.


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