VR headset: Meta Quest 2 unveils Chorus technology, in partnership with Logitech

News hardware VR headset: Meta Quest 2 unveils Chorus technology, in partnership with Logitech

With its price hike last month, we didn’t expect Facebook’s VR headset, the Meta Quest 2, to bring us brand new technology. And icing on the cake, it’s Logitech who takes care of all that, with their Chorus project.

It is now a reality, the famous company Logitech is working hand in hand with Meta, the parent company of Facebook to greatly improve the virtual reality headset Meta Quest 2.

After a price increase last month, Logitech adds a layer by offering Chorus, speakers designed for the Meta Quest 2. The goal ? Improve the sound quality of the VR headset by offering players a better immersion.

The Chorus has been designed to attach to the straps on the back of the helmet, either the stock strap or the Meta Elite.

If Meta took the visual side very seriously, it is true that the sound side was somewhat neglected since no official accessory was offered to players to improve the sound quality.

Ironic, since many VR games require very special attention to sound in order to situate themselves well in space, and this is even more true for games like Beat Saber, which is one of the best sellers in the reality market. Virtual.

What are the features of Chorus?

Logitech promises that “you’ll hear everything, from the biggest moments to the smallest details.” Chorus is a device that stays attached to your headphones, even after use. The accessory is thought of as a real extension of the Meta Quest 2, and not as an object that we use occasionally for our gaming sessions.

Vadim Kogan, the director of the VR section announced:

Chorus improves the comfort of the Meta Quest 2, which allows players to stay immersed in their games, even over long sessions, and to enjoy their games and experiences with good sound quality, totally designed for the Meta Quest 2.

To connect Chorus to your VR headset, nothing could be simpler, just a USB-C cable will do. As can be seen in the images, this is not a closed-back helmet. Chorus does not cover your ears, but Logitech does not want to isolate players, typically for security reasons. The Chorus headphones then slip over your ears, with a spatialized sound that allows you to locate yourself in space in a logical way.

The speakers are fully rotatable to better adapt to the shape of your face. For the price, Chorus is offered at €99 on the Logitech store, for pre-order.

The official release date has not been revealed by the manufacturer.

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