WTA Cincinnati: The semi-final between Caroline Garcia and Aryna Sabalenka interrupted by the rain at 6-2, 4-6, 3-1

Will Caroline Garcia find a WTA 1000 final for the first time in almost five years? In any case, she gave herself the means on Saturday before events beyond her control put her fate on hold. Opposed to world number 7 Aryna Sabalenka in half in Ohio, she had made the break in the third set (6-2, 4-6, 3-1) and led 30/15 on her serve before the rain n interrupts the game.

So near and so far at the same time. Emotions and thoughts must have raced through Caroline Garcia’s head when she was forced off center court for the second time. Because this same semi-final had already been stopped for almost two and a half hours because of another stormy episode when the Lyonnaise was largely leading 6-2, 1-1. This first setback had also allowed Aryna Sabalenka to recover her health and change the dynamics of a match that had completely escaped her until then.

WTA Cincinnati

“I know where I come from”: Garcia, the fire on the court, the cold outside


A first interruption had cut his momentum

With 13 winning strokes for 3 unforced errors, Garcia had thus achieved the perfect first set. Tremendously aggressive on every second opponent’s ball on the restart, she had taken the net at the slightest opportunity, also using the short crossed angles to perfection to get the Belarusian out of her comfort zone. But the first interruption had made her lose her rhythm in the service, while her more lively and more offensive rival had regained the ascendancy from the bottom (6-2, 4-6).

The fact remains that Garcia was then able to re-engage the forward gear. At ease again in the half-volley, restoring volume in her forehand cross shots, she found a good percentage of firsts to reassure herself, before making the difference in the 4th game on the return, more offensive than ever. . While she seemed to be able to drive the point home and the finish line was getting closer, the rain got involved again. Better management of the possible resumption of play on the night of Saturday to Sunday will depend on its fate. If she succeeds, she will not have stolen her final.

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